Why a surround gaming headset is your best friend

The perfect gaming gear is vital for a gamer that plays first person shooting games as it allows them to perform their best. This is more so true in terms of competitive gaming where professional gamers compete in a tournament against each other. In situations as critical as a championship title where all eyes are on your performance and your team is counting on you, having the right gaming gear will have an impact, particularly, a surround gamer headset.

What Kind of Surround Gamer Headset

So now that you know you need a good surround gaming headset to step up your game, what exactly should you be looking for to have that competitive edge?

First and foremost, choose a Wireless gaming headset that is comfortable to use because you don’t want to be thinking about how it’s pinching your head with tightness or how terribly loose it is around your head and ears. The fit should be just right. When you do get a newly purchased gaming headset, make sure to break it in first so that you get used to its feel.

Second is to make sure that the microphone on your surround gamer headset is working properly and that you can be heard loud and clear. The microphone is an essential part when it comes to FPS pros so that you can coordinate with your team when exactly are you going to ambush, flank, or throw a grenade on your opponents.

Third, and the most important feature about having the proper surround gaming headset, is its audio quality. Believe it or not, the best audio quality coupled with 7.1 surround sound can give something like a sixth sense on the battleground. Having great audio quality and 7.1 surround sound is a must-have for a competitive gamer as it will give you that realistic audio landscape that a gamer needs when on the battlefield. Think of it this way: with the right kind of surround gamer headset, you are putting yourself in the shoes of your character itself as the sound is so immersive.

The Gaming Headset’s Audio Quality

Since you know what kind of surround gamer headset you now need, what exactly should you be looking for in its audio quality?

Try to get a Wireless gaming headset that is rich in detail, strong bass, and one that will actually highlight all the different sounds. When comparing it, after using a normal headset, your gaming headset should deliver more detailed sounds, as well as richer and deeper quality of the sound being delivered. You should be hearing things you haven’t heard before with your old or regular headset.

Take a look at these in-depth best Wireless gaming headsets reviews, they ranked the Recon3D number one for good reasons, although personally I would have included the Astro brand these are good reviews.

Check out this awesoe Astro trailer :-)

What is really important to the gaming headset that you will be getting is the 7.1 surround sound. Getting 5.1 surround sound is nice, but 7.1 will just put it right over the top, which is what you need especially when your sense of hearing will allow you to double as a radar.

A headset’s 7.1 surround sound should provide you with sounds from both near and far the gaming battlefield. This surround sound will allow you to have a sense of distance and direction as to where the shots are being fired or where the footsteps are coming from.

On the Battlefield

Now that you know what to look for in a surround headset, it’s time to simulate what to expect from it, it terms of performance.

Imagine walking in vast walled expanse and you know that an opposing sniper is lurking around. He fires a shot but the noob misses; the sound that you will hear from his gun should reverberate along the area’s walls and should travel to you seamlessly. With the use of a great surround gamer headset, you can immediately tell where the shot was fired, thereby allowing you to turn quickly to that direction and fire back.

When you have armor on and expecting a terrorist, an alien, or a merc to come at you but you don’t know which direction he or it will come from, the gunfire will tell you where he is. In crucial moments like this where every precise movement in just a split-second is vital to get that win, footsteps or gunfire which can tell you where your enemy is located is invaluable so you can surprise him before he surprises you, or you can engage him guns a blazing.

Different circumstances such as these are the big things that decide the game, while the right kind of surround gamer headset is the one that gives you that leg up on your enemies. Skills are great, but when you combine it with the right gear, you are sure to be unbeatable!

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Five Great 3DS Games This Early 2015

The Nintendo 3DS has been quite the handheld console as it has received great reviews from critics, not to mention the great games that have been coming out continuously. Proving that graphics is not everything, the 3DS gives a unique gaming experience that only the platform can offer. With the continued success and the New 3DS just being released, more and more people are flocking to Nintendo. So for those who are still not familiar with what the 3DS can offer, here are five great games you can play on the 3DS.

  • Story of Seasons

Story of seasons 3ds

For those who have played and became addicted to farming simulators in the past, the Story of Seasons will be a treat for you! At the start, you will be asked to create your very own, customizable character. After which, you will be then thrown into fantastic, brightly colored world of Story of Seasons. In the world, you will have to take care of a customizable farm and animals, generate income to develop your farm some more, court someone you like, get married, and have children! Story of Seasons gives you a first-hand experience of farming and living in the shoes of the new comer in town.

  • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

Code name - steam

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. is a turn-based strategy game that brings a few unique elements to the table. This is where American history and literature meets alien, and it’s wrapped up in a great gaming package. In Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., dear ol’ Abraham Lincoln will lead a team of characters that everyone is familiar of, like Lion from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, and Tom Sawyer. One of the few games that will give you an authentic steam-punk gaming experience, its approach to turn-based RPGs is also unique as you will have a bar to tell you just how much you can move and how much you have to attack. Get ready to kick some aliens with the characters we all know and love!

  • Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Etrian Mystery dungeon

Etrian Mystery Duneon is a mix of two popular games: Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon. Be prepared to go through labyrinths with five characters in your party, and 10 character classes to choose from. This RPG combines gaming experience from both genres to bring you what makes the two titles great games to play. Hack and slash through the dungeons, use magic and skills against monsters, all through turn-based colorful delight!

  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


One of the most popular games of the Nintendo 3DS, you will get to fight dragons, behemoths, and other huge monsters in the world of the Monster Hunter. Offering gamers that hard boss fight equals great rewards-type of gaming, you can pick among several different weapons to battle and topple giant beasts. And by defeating those beasts, you can carve out materials to create all new, cool-looking gear! Join your friends locally or online and gather your strength as you try and knock down humungous beasts. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will do great with a good headset so as to maximize the loud roars of the titanic beasts.


monster 4 ultimate gameplay

  • Xenoblade Chronicles

One of the most heavily anticipated games for the New 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles is the first game that will come out on that platform. As a science-fiction RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles already came out on the Nintendo Wii, but is making its way now onto the handheld console. Explore the world wielding a mysterious sword with your friends as you slay a variety of monsters in fun turn-based action – certainly one of the best of 2015.

monster 4 ultimate gameplay

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Tips to decide which console system is for you

Game consoles are meant to entertain us in lots of ways, however it is loved for its video gaming capacity. Although many game players will state that computer systems have the very best graphics, new video gaming technology is birthed on games consoles. Also, some of gaming’s biggest franchises are only obtainable on consoles. Finally, consoles tend to be future-ready devices, as companies know that you’ll be utilizing them for at least six years. In the future when many minor and further developments are discovered, consoles can still support the changes.


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